Innovation in Education

Adding the Power of Philanthropy to Great Ideas…

Kids today are growing up in a world full of exciting opportunities and entertaining distractions. Old paradigms classroom education struggle to compete with the fast paced flash of our pop culture for the hearts and minds children. Education must be rigorous and relevant to inspire engagement in our students.

With investments from our generous donors, the Making Hope Happen Foundation fuels great ideas from local educators who know what it really takes to engage our kids. They just need a little help to make these ideas come to life. Making Hope Happen Foundation Innovation Grants offer that help and add the power of philanthropy to boost their efforts. When their plans are supported by charitable gifts, educators are emboldened by deep feeling of gratitude. It becomes even more important to them that their great ideas produce great results. Students who participate in projects funded by donations are likewise changed by knowledge that people care enough to help them through giving to their school.

This year, the Making Hope Happen Foundation, supported a district-community partnership to connect students with employers in the region.  The Rewarding Pathways Internship Program, developed by the Arrowhead United Way, arranges a variety of interactions leading to the placement of high school interns with local businesses and industry to help students understand the world of work in San Bernardino. The project is currently in its initial organization phases and we look forward to sharing the story of how kids in our city are awakened to new opportunities through it.

Innovation Grants are made to SBCUSD to support projects in classrooms, across multiple school sites, or through district wide initiatives.

Education Innovation Fund – gifts to this fund will fuel programs and projects with the most hope for improving student engagement and outcomes in San Bernardino City Unified Schools.