About Us

Hope is a powerful thing…

The Making Hope Happen Foundation supports the educational mission of the San Bernardino City Unified School District which has embraced the power of hope as a primary driver of personal motivation and community change. The District adopted its “Making Hope Happen” philosophy based on research and guidance by Gallop Senior Scientist, Dr. Shane J. Lopez.  Passionate and respected community leaders rallied behind the District’s call for a focus on building hopeful students and families to uplift the City of San Bernardino – a community suffering from economic, social and health challenges that stifle prosperity.  Hope allows people to envision a better future, design a path toward that future, and to take purposeful steps toward it.  As a result of a deep commitment to this quest, the San Bernardino Community and School Alliance (CASA) which previously supported the District’s work was reorganized and renamed the Making Hope Happen Foundation.

With your help, the Making Hope Happen Foundation engages people, builds partnerships, provides leadership, and delivers resources where they are needed to achieve a thriving and innovative community in which every student is a life-long learner and can be successful in meeting their hopes and aspirations

Our hopeful leaders…

Dr. Samuel Gibbs – President

Mr. Kevin Posey – Treasurer
Chaffey Federal Credit Union

Ms. Cathy Knowles – Secretary
San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

Ms. Jan Cunningham – Board Member

Mrs. Niki Dettman – Board Member
DesertSong Group

Mr. Heri Garcia – Board Member
ThinkWise Credit Union

Mrs. Carrie Gilbreth – Board Member
Westbound Communications

Ms. Mariann Johnson – Board Member
San Bernardino County Workforce Development Department

Mr. James Morris – Board Member
InCity Consulting

Dr. Diana Rodriguez – Board Member
San Bernardino Valley College

Mrs. Lynda Savage – Board Member
Educational Professional