Cathy Knowles - San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

Cathy Knowles

Cathy Knowles

Director of Education - San Manuel Band of Mission Indians

Cathy Knowles has over 20 years of experience in education with masters in both reading and administration. She has taught pre-school through 6th grade as well as graduate level classes in reading, curriculum, and linguistics. Beyond the classroom, she has served in an administrative capacity at schools sites as an assistant principal, principal and as coordinator for Reading First at the district level.

Cathy is currently the Director of Education for the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. As Director, her focus is on implementing the Tribe’s educational vision by expanding existing educational services and programs, and continuing to develop exciting educational opportunities for tribal citizens. She works closely with the San Manuel Education Committee and Tribal leadership.

Cathy grew up overseas in Latin America and Africa and has experienced many different educational settings. These experiences developed within her a passion for helping others learn to read and gain access to educational opportunities. Growing up in a Spanish speaking household inspired her interest in second language acquisition. The Press Enterprise featured her bilingual third grade class as a positive example of bilingual education impacting the development of English in second language learners.

Besides her professional career, Cathy is an involved mother of two children, a five year old and a ten year old. They keep her busy being a Girl Scout co-leader and parent representative for their schools. She lives in inland Southern California with her husband and family.