Samuel Gibbs

Dr. Samuel Gibbs

Director of Internal Audit Services and Quality / Omnitrans Public Transportation

Dr. Samuel Gibbs sits on the Executive Board for the Making Hope Happen Foundation. As the President on the Board of Directors, Dr. Gibbs aims to continue to make hope happen for the students of the San Bernardino City Unified School District.

Having full knowledge of governance, finance, accounting, and best practices, Dr. Gibbs provides great insight on how to utilize resources and strengths to move the foundation forward. Samuel holds a Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership and is currently a member of the Senior Leadership team at Omnitrans Public Transportation. Therefore, Samuel Gibbs is directly responsible for all audit and compliance activities, and the Quality Assurance activities on capital and construction projects.

Aspiring to “walk the talk”, Samuel aims to work along side other members of the community to build the city of San Bernardino up.

“I remember when the city was full of life and it was a great place to live. I am inspired to help youth because I am the recipient of help from many when I was younger and I always said I will invest in others, like investments were made in me,” says Samuel.

Above all, Dr. Gibbs believes educating the students of the San Bernardino City Unified School district is not only a job for the district, but for the entire community. He believes a healthy community is one in which all come together to provide hope and resources for the youth.