Become A Mentor

As part of the Making Hope Happen Foundation, the responsibilities of the Scholarship Student Mentor will be to support their assigned scholarship recipients. They will provide informal guidance to their mentees to help them successfully navigate the transition to and through college. 


Where can I apply?

You can find the job listing on your university’s Handshake website.


Who can apply?

If you’re an undergraduate student in your last two years of college or, have junior or senior status then you’re welcome to apply.


If I graduate this year, can I still apply?

You can still apply but we will give preference to students who are just entering their last two years of college and not graduating the year of application submission.


What if I’m transferring, can I still apply?

Of course!


What is the duration of this position?

This position is for two academic years, following the same group of mentees you began with.


How many mentees do I get?

Every mentor gets roughly 10 mentees, without exception.


How many hours does this position require?

The hours are completely dependent upon your contact with the mentees and your participation in the mentor collaboration meetings. There is no set amount of hours, however you are required to maintain monthly contact with your mentees and to make yourself readily available for them.